Philipp Waeltermann's travel experiences.
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These are some pictures of places I have traveled to in the last few years.
While looking through my pictures, I realized two things:

     1. There are so many places I still want to travel to.
     2. I really need to learn how to take better pictures.

I hope you enjoy this collection of pictures,
and I hope even more that I will soon be able to add more

Overview of visited countries


London, 2017


Argentina, 2015


Dominican Republic, 2017


Michigan (lower and upper peninsula), 2017 and 2016


Arizona and Florida, 2018 and 2016



Spain, 2013


Alaska, 2018

Coming soon.

Passionate About Creating the Future

Autonomous Driving will be the biggest challenge and disruption
for the automotive industry in the coming decades.
I am excited to become a part of this incredible mobility revolution.

I have gained experience in the field of self-driving vehicles
during my internships at BOSCH, TESLA, dSPACE, FORD,
and as part of MSU's AutoDrive Team.
Furthermore, I have acquired useful skills in simulation technology, Linear Algebra,
and Machine Learning while working in a research lab on space object classification.
As a 4.0 student in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science,
I believe to have the necessary academic background
to successfully accelerate the development of autonomous systems.

For more information, please refer to my LinkedIn:
Philipp Waeltermann

More about me


This page includes a summary of my
work experience and my projects.


This page includes my resume including my
most recent experience at Ford.


This page includes ratings of the books I have
most recently read.


This page includes some pictures and stories
of places I have traveled.

Please consider this website as a project in progress rather than a finished product.
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