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Ford in Palo Alto?

Yes! Ford actually has a research and innovation center in the heart of silicon valley.
In the summer of 2018, I was fortunate enough to intern in their Autonomous Driving and Controls Group.
Working on their simulation team, I was able to practice and improve my C++ skills.
Furthermore, I got introduced to parallel programming on Ford's High Performance Cluster.
Designing my own programming architecture and dealing with the challenges of synchronization,
parallelization, and vehicle dynamics was a great experience.

                          July, 2018


AutoDrive Competition

I joined MSU's AutoDrive Team in the fall of 2017, and have since then designed
and implemented steering and torque controllers for our vehicle.
In addition to that I helped develop pathplanning algorithms,
and learned to work with ROS, use Gitlab, and program in the Linux environment.
I was really excited to be one of the people who were chosen
to represent our Team in Yuma, Arizona during the AutoDrive Challenge Competition.
Unfortunately, we had a lot of unforeseen issues with our CAN communication
which did not allow us to show off our vehicle's full potential.
Nevertheless, I am certain we stay motivated and learn from this amazing experience
and hopefully bounce back next year!

                          May, 2018





Machine Learning in Space

This project was done in cooperation with Professor Firas Khasawneh .
The ultimate goal for this project is to use machine learning classifiers on objects detected in space
based on their light reflection. The big challenge to train such a classifier is to gather enough training data.
As it is unfeasable for me to gather real-world reflection data for thousands of space objects,
I spend the majority of last semester building a simulation software that will randomly calculate
possible orbits of space objects. For each orbit the light reflection is simulated at each
time step based on the shape of either debris or a satellite.
This data was then used to train a Discrete Frechet Distance (DFD) algorithm.
In the fall semester, I will be working on using different machine learning algorithms in order to improve our classifier.
For more details regarding our research project please refer to the following pdf: Space Object Classification

                          May, 2018

satellite 3

satellite 1
satellite 2

Autopilot Internship Project

This Demo shows an autonomous vehicle driving on a highway.
The vehicle uses the data from virtual sensors to develop a driving strategy,
stay in the correct lane, change lanes, and control the speed.
This controller has been developed by Philipp Waeltermann during an internship at dSPACE Inc.

                          August, 2017


During the last months, I got the chance to work for one of the most exciting places
I could imagine, Tesla Motors headquarters in Silicon Valley.
By designing testing infrastructure for Model 3 battery cooling systems, I had the
chance to deep dive into a lot of problems outside of my previous skillset.
I learned to design circuit boards, program microcontrollers in C and create userinterfaces in Python,
as well as wire and debug sensor integrations and electronics.
One of the things I enjoyed most was when employees said:
"Let's accelerate the transition to sustainable energy".
Being in such a mission driven company was very motivating and challenging at the same time;
It has been an invaluable experience.

                          December, 2016

tesla 3

tesla 2

Passionate About Creating the Future

Autonomous Driving will be the biggest challenge and disruption
for the automotive industry in the coming decades.
I am excited to become a part of this incredible mobility revolution.

I have gained experience in the field of self-driving vehicles
during my internships at BOSCH, TESLA, dSPACE, FORD,
and as part of MSU's AutoDrive Team.
Furthermore, I have acquired useful skills in simulation technology, Linear Algebra,
and Machine Learning while working in a research lab on space object classification.
As a 4.0 student in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science,
I believe to have the necessary academic background
to successfully accelerate the development of autonomous systems.

For more information, please refer to my LinkedIn:
Philipp Waeltermann

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